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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Are ready for perusal at your leisure

Number one of many this season
Number one of many this season

Well, I think we learned a few things from yesterday's game. One, is that you can just go ahead and pencil in Evan Longoria for the 3B Gold Glove right now. I'm certain Manny will be great, but that dude was ridic yesterday. Second, is that Matt Wieters and Adam Jones will obviously be co-AL MVPs this season. My logic is indisputable.

But seriously, with the AL East appearing to be incredibly tight this year every single game vs. an AL East opponent could be critical come the end of the season. So it's great to take a game from the Rays in their park, and doubly so to take one against David Price. Now let's see them wrap up a series win tonight!

Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays - April 2, 2013 | BAL Recap
#StayHungry, good Dr.

Orioles' Brian Roberts and Nolan Reimold deliver in their returns from injury -

It's but one game. Though it certainly was nice to see them both out there making positive contributions.

O's Hammel apologizes for win | CSN Baltimore

His stuff didn't seem to have the 'bite' I remember. But hell, Jason, it's one start. Not a big deal. We'll see you Sunday vs. the Twins.

For Orioles third baseman Manny Machado, Opening Day a family tradition | News

The anecdote involving puking and his socks was quite riveting. Gah.

Happy Birthday, Koji!!!! On this day 2 years ago, Zach Britton pitched a gem in his major league debut against Tampa, which completed a sweep of the season opening series vs. the Rays.