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Brian Roberts Injury: Something happened to his hamstring, MRI scheduled for Friday

Brian Roberts looked really good in this series, right up until he tried to steal second base today.


When Brian Roberts got through spring training without hurting himself, I started to forget that I always feel like he's going to get hurt. That changed this afternoon when he stole second base and pulled up lame. He had to be helped off the field with what looked like a knee injury, but the report now is that it's his hamstring.

According to Roch Kubatko as MASN Sports, the severity of the injury is currently unknown and he'll be examined further tomorrow and given an MRI to determine the extent of the injury. Roberts sounded sad when reporters talked to him, which in turns makes me sad.

Asked how he felt mentally, Roberts said, "Not too great. I don't know. I don't have a whole lot of words for it right now. Frustrated, but we'll get the results and hopefully move forward.

What also makes me sad is the idea that tomorrow when the Orioles run out onto the field the first time at home since last year's ALDS, Brian Roberts won't get to run down the orange carpet and get what I imagine might have been the biggest cheer of all.

Roberts had a fantastic spring training, playing in 19 games and hitting .310/.365/.431 in 63 plate appearances. In the first three games in Tampa Bay he went 5-for-12 and was involved in key rallies in games one and two. I know that we're all hoping this is something that will only keep him out short term, because the fact is that if it is serious enough, it could be the end of his career.