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Friday Bird Droppings

It's Boh time!

Al Messerschmidt

The Orioles enter today's home opener atop the AL East having just laid waste to Tampa's vaunted homegrown rotation and craftily constructed bullpen. The three game total 20 runs put up by the Orioles handily exceeded the amount scored in nine games at the Tropicana Memorial Mausoleum in 2012. Not to be an arrogant Orioles fan, but I welcome the Twins with open arms.

Will you be there? Where you at?

School of Roch: Roberts "frustrated" by latest injury Ugh. So sad. Get well soon, sir!

Chris Davis Is Hitting Everything | FanGraphs Baseball (added 11:42 am) Yes he is!

Baseball’s hottest hitter Chris Davis is making history — have we found his secret weapon? | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports The lucky monkey!

Wieters is paying no attention to contract talk | CSN Baltimore That's right, Matty: Do your thing.

Orioles Claim Josh Stinson; A's Outright Barton: MLB Rumors - Another pitcher with big league experience stashed away in the system for later use. Don't ever change, Dan!

Vladimir Guerrero signs with the Long Island Ducks | HardballTalk Vlad is TOTALLY trolling the Duq.

Orioles "Birdland Passport" program returns in 2013 | News I toured the system and all i got was this crummy tee shirt. Come on, guys...

Is divine intervention on base for the Orioles this season? Local news angle!

It' the birthday of Ron Hansen, Andy Macphail, Ryan Drese and Winston Abreu