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Saturday Bird Droppings

First place, three days running!

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's game was exciting, but it's hard not come away feeling down about Jason Hammel so far this year. Bring back 2012 Hammel!

Bernie Pleskoff: A lifetime Orioles fan, Hoes living the dream |
This is a pretty thorough breakdown L.J. Hoes, who is having a good year down at Norfolk.

Fantasy baseball Prospect Watch: Kevin Gausman on the rise -
Even in fantasy land, Kevin Gausman is pretty awesome.

Jeremy Guthrie is one of many guys to play for the Orioles and Royals | Roar From 34
It's a few days late to be clipped, but RF34 takes a look at players who overlapped on the Royals and Orioles.

Camden Depot: Other Second-Base Options at Norfolk
Could Danny Valencia or Yamaico Navarro help the team with it's second base problem?

School of Roch: Hearing from Dickerson, Johnson, Hunter and Hammel
Chris Dickerson says the team likes playing from behind. Pardon me if i don't join them in that.

Nick Markakis told he won't be allowed to use his pink-label bat on Mother's Day -
Nick Markakis ordered a black bat with a pink logo to use on Mother's Day to honor his mother, who survived breast cancer ten years ago. MLB says no because the brand isn't Louisville Slugger.

Happy birthday to former Orioles Milt Pappas, Kerry Ligtenberg, Trent Hubbard, and Mark Huismann.