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Series Preview: Baltimore Orioles vs. San Diego Padres, 14-15 May 2013

After a brief three-game road trip, the O's head back to Baltimore for a mostly-normal homestand. It does, however, start with a two-game series against the Padres, followed by a random off-day.

This never gets old.
This never gets old.

Another six games, another four wins. I think we could get used to this. Of course, this is a two-game series, so... let's win both!

Tuesday, 14 May: Chris Tillman vs. Andrew Cashner


Guys, I'd love to put together one of my typical game previews, full of probably-useless-but-vaguely-entertaining matchup info, but there just isn't anything for these guys. Carlos Quentin is 2-5 with a double against Tillman, and Chris Snyder has a walk in one PA against Cashner. Cashner has a large beard; Tillman is unimpressed. That's it.

Tillman was okay in his last start, giving up three runs over six innings (but, once again, letting the Royals hit multiple homers). Cashner has mostly been a reliever throughout his career, and has generally walked too many guys compared to his strikeout rate to be particularly effective. Last year, though, he struck out over ten batters per nine innings, which I guess is why he's getting more chances as a starter this time around. So far this year, he has a nice 3.23 ERA, but his peripherals aren't great (7.04 K/9 and 4.40 BB/9). Being in the NL West, he also gets the benefit of several pitcher-friendly ballparks. Long story short: I like the O's chances in this one.

Wednesday, 15 May: TBA vs. Jason Marquis
Career Numbers TBA Marquis vs. O's
IP - 16.1
ERA - 9.92
FIP - 3.22
Slash Line (Past Teams) - .384/.439/.548
Slash Line (Current Players) - .268/.330/.351

Oh, look: it's TBA again. It's after midnight on Monday/Tuesday as I'm finishing this up, and this game's starter still seems very much up in the air. That's in contrast to Jason Marquis, noted sinkerballer. As he's an NL lifer, Nate McLouth and J.J. Hardy are the only regulars with more than nine PAs against him, and neither of them fares well (OPSs of .602 and .633, respectively). Marquis is another guy benefitting from pitching on the West Coast, as he has a shiny 3.48 ERA despite ugly peripherals: 5.32 K/9, 4.09 BB/9, and 1.23 HR/9. I'd say I like the O's chances in this one, too, but my enthusiasm for TBA is limited.

Weaver's Seventh Law: It's easier to find four good starters than five.