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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Your daily 'day-after-another-terrible-loss' therapy session Open Thread.

Happy B-day, Matt. Maybe the umps will give you a call or two today.
Happy B-day, Matt. Maybe the umps will give you a call or two today.
Rob Carr

Upon reflection, I'm not sure I can fault Buck's bullpen management at all last night. He got precisely what you want out of Sweaty Freddy. Didn't press his luck and potentially get Whammied by bringing him out for 1 inning too many. I can quibble with the decision to go with Patton over Matusz. But if you can't trust Patton to get out the Lyle Overbay's of the league, then what exactly is he still around for? O'Day looked good and shut down the 8th after the O's had retaken the lead. And, as for using Johnson, I can understand Buck wanting to show confidence in what has been his best bullpen arm by bringing him back out. Even with 3 lefties due up. That benefit of the doubt is gone now, for me. Johnson needs to be removed from high leverage situations for the time being. Give him the KGregg treatment for now. Maybe give Tommy Hunter some looks there? Remember that commercial you made last year, Buck? The one about the 'Save' rule and the 'Win' rule? Time to put up or shut up. Oh, and hey Jim, how about not shaking Wieters off so much next time. Let him do the thinking for you. He put down the sign for an off-speed and you shook him off wanting the FB away. And away it went...As for Pedro, some may want to unleash their venom on him. But he had been money over his last 11.2 IP, allowing but 3 hits and 2 ERs.

Anyway, enough editorializing. Here's some links.

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I find it to be more of a comedy than a tragedy, myself.

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No *&$!, Sherlock.

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10 mph difference, Tommy. Keep the same arm speed and that 10 mph separation and you'll be fine.

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♫Anarchy in the OP / It's coming some time and maybe / Give a wrong call stop a ball game / Your future dream is a replay scheme♫

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The Gausman love-letter post shared in the comments of yesterday's BDs.

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The Patron Saint of Birdland is going under the knife.

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Linked for use of the word 'expectorated'. And the awesome .gif.

Today marks the 27th Birthday for Matt Wieters.