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Orioles Activate Miguel Gonzalez from DL, Option Jair Jurrjens

With Miguel Gonzalez returning from the disabled list, someone's time on the roster has run out. Jair Jurrjens is the winner of the free ride on the Norfolk Express.

Jeff Gross

Miguel Gonzalez is making Tuesday night's start. Gonzalez is still on the disabled list. He must be activated and someone must be removed from the roster. Send out the Dan Duquette signal! What do you suppose is the Duquette signal, anyway?

Either way, Duquette is ready: Jair Jurrjens is optioned back to Norfolk. Jurrjens was one of the many rotation options available, did not impress in the one start he made, and so he finds his stay brief as the roster roulette wheel spins yet again. If things get bad enough, he'll be back later. We hope they don't get bad enough.

With Gonzalez coming off the disabled list, Orioles fans can start to find out whether he can perform like he did in his surprising last season. He's sitting on a 4.58 ERA after six starts, and grasping at strands, we might wonder whether a couple of those starts were affected by the blister that sent him to the disabled list. He hasn't pitched poorly, Gonzalez. Four of his six starts have been quality starts, but two of those four have been minimum quality starts (6 IP, 3 ER exactly).

Does a blister make you give up more home runs or walks? These are Gonzalez's problems so far this season. Maybe it does. And maybe now he's better! He'll be tested against the potent Yankees lineup in his return, so let's hope he is ready.