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Around the Minors: 5/21/13

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On the day Kevin Gausman is promoted, the Oriole affiliates go one for four.

Nicky Delmonico would go yard on this day
Nicky Delmonico would go yard on this day
Credit: Tim Jacobsen

Norfolk lost 3-2. Tsuyoshi Wada gave up 2 ER in 4 IP on six hits, a walk and a HBP, while striking out 2 and a GB/FB of 3/4. In case you missed it, Xavier Avery returned to the Tides and celebrated by going 0-4. Ryan Flaherty went 1-4 with 2 Ks. LJ Hoes went 2-3 with a walk. Russ Canzler goes 0-4. Travis Ishikawa goes 1-4.

Bowie won 13-2. Mike Wright gave up 2 ER in 5 IP on six hits (1 HR), 4 walks and a wild pitch, striking out 5 with a GB/FB of 3/3. I know wins and losses don't matter in the minors, but he's 6-0. Henry Urrutia returned to the lineup and went 0-4 with a walk and a K. Ty Kelly moved up to leadoff with Xavery now in Norfolk, and went 1-5 with his 14th double and a walk and a K.

The Keys lost 6-5. Nicky Delmonico goes 2-5 with a homer and was removed for a pinch runner. Not sure why. Christian Walker goes 4-4 with a walk. Glynn Davis went 1-3 with a K, and was replaced by Brenden Webb who would go 1-2 with a K.

The Shorebirds lost 9-2. Parker Bridwell. Ouch. 8 ER in 3 IP on 10 hits, 4 walks, a HBP and a wild pitch, striking out 2 with a GB/FB of 3/1. But the Hobgoblin continues to tease, going 5 scoreless allowing merely a hit and a walk, striking out 7 with a GB/FB of 7/1. Just have a bad feeling he'll be a Rule 5 pick or something. Mychal Givens had a clean sheet in one inning, with a GB/FB of 0/2. Adrian Marin goes 2-4 with a K. Torsten Boss goes 0-5 with 2 Ks and an error. Joel Hutter goes 1-3 with a triple and a walk. Rod Bernadina went 0-4 with a K and an assist. Gregory Lorenzo went 0-5 with a K.

Your minor league boxers.