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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Or, perhaps they should be called 'Goose' Droppings today

The Highlander experiences The Quickening
The Highlander experiences The Quickening
Rob Carr

Exciting night last night, huh? Red Sox were nearly no-hit. Strasburg vs. Cain out in San Fran. Mike Trout hit for the Cycle. Got to see the trailer for the new Wolverine movie...

Of course, a wonderful walk-off win is quite the welcome balm for the ails of Birdland. And now Kevin Gausman will be called up to make his debut on Thursday. Credit to Duquette, he certainly seems to know how to leverage such situations for maximum P.R. value. Recall the announcements of Manny and Dylan's respective promotions. It was early August last year, the O's, riding a 5 game win streak and sitting in 2nd place, had managed to cut their deficit to the Yankees from 10 games to just 4.5. Manny gets the call up out-of-the-blue and solidifies the 3rd base portion of the infield. Fast-forward to September 18th. The O's have just won a grueling 18 inning game in Seattle. They have tied the Yankees for 1st place. It's somewhere around 3 am local time when Dylan Bundy gets the call up. And now, DD has done it again. A walk off win is exciting in and off itself, but it could be pretty much forgotten by this time tomorrow if the O's don't manage to salvage the series tonight. And the move to promote Gausman isn't just a P.R. move. Just like the Manny and Dylan moves from last year, it's the right move for the ball club. Gasuman isn't a finished product. There are still a few things in his arsenal which he needs to hone and refine. But he is ready to pitch at the Major League level.

New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles - May 21, 2013 | BAL Recap
Britt with the recap of last nights exciting game.

Baltimore Orioles calling up right-handed pitcher Kevin Gausman, will make major league debut against Toronto - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN

Morosi broke the story on twitter last night, as he drank the Beat's milkshake. He drank it right up.

Luke and Tucker talk about Kevin Gausman's call-up | Baltimore Sports and LifeBaltimore Sports and Life

The BS&L guys discuss what we can realistically expect from Gausman in the bigs.

Top prospect Kevin Gausman could give Orioles a needed boost -

If all one expects of him is that he can come up and solidify the 5th rotation slot, then...yes, compared to the dreck that has inhabited that rotation slot thus far he should provide a boost. Just don't expect him to come up and be the Ace of the staff at first. Not saying he can't do that. Just want everyone to temper their expectations a bit at first.

School of Roch: A few thoughts on the Gausman decision
In case you hadn't gotten your fill of thoughts and opinions on Gausman's promotion yet.

Orioles prospect Jonathan Schoop seeing back specialist -

Egads. He is a growing boy though.

On this date in 1959, Hoyt Wilhelm stymied the Yankees with a one-hit shutout. Hopefully Jason Hammel can replicate such an outing tonight. Today is the birthday of Rick Van Den Hurk.