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Friday Bird Droppings

On the downhill slide of another week...

Tom Szczerbowski

So, you didn't get what you wanted for Gausmas...well, the good news is, it happens every five days!

What is really to be said about last night? The Orioles have three more chances to avenge the indignities suffered by Nate McLouth against a Blue Jays rotation held together by chewing gum and baling wire (was MacGyver Canadian?)

There are other matters to plans (grilling and such), the long awaited Arrested Development re-boot...whatcha got?

School of Roch: Taking another look at Patton and Strop ...but don't look too long, lest you get turned to stone.

Nate McLouth falls into crowd to make a great catch, gets a beer tossed at him afterward | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports If you didn't get a chance to watch the game last night, watch this clip a couple times.

Video: Kevin Gausman’s Swinging Strikes Set to Van Halen | NotGraphs Baseball This video is exactly what it purports to be.

The Kevin Gausman Arbitration Clock Is Now Ticking -Baltimore Sports and Life You wanna know the salary implications of Gausmas?

Baltimore Orioles Director Of Pitching Development Rick Peterson Talks About Kevin Gausman " CBS Baltimore Our Friday multimedia spectacular continues!

Baltimore Orioles Reliever Jim Johnson Says, 'Go, Rangers!' - In which the N.Y. Rangers fanboyishness of Jim Johnson is discussed in painstaking detail. I mean...he's got a Jeff Beukeboom jersey, people.

On this day in 1993, the O's battered Jim Abbott for twelve hits as they beat the Yankees 8-6. Brady Anderson and Chris Hoiles were both 3-5 and, we can only assume, Buck Showalter was not pleased.