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Memorial Day Bird Droppings

The feel good clips of the summer...

Tom Szczerbowski

Welcome to the unofficial start of summer! Pools are open, grills fired up in earnest and ain't the beer cold! That being said, the day has solemn roots, so maybe amidst or before your holiday revelry save a moment for some quiet contemplation.

Well, yesterday's game was a real bummer. If you spent your day watching war movie marathons and Arrested Development instead, you may have slept easy last night.

If you're looking to kill time until another 1:00 start, TCM continues its mammoth war movie marathon and AMC also has a strong offering in that category. There's also French Open tennis, if that happens to be your thing.

School of Roch: Who closes for the Orioles today? Despite Buck's statement in post game, Jim Johnson has thrown 51 pitches over the last two is likely he is either not used at all or used sparingly, if need be.

Orioles Should Replace Jim Johnson With Closer By Committee Baltimore Sports Report bangs the drum slowly.

Johnson, Rodney unable to finish hitters - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN Some interesting stuff from Mark Simon.

Bundy pain-free, has full range of motion | News Good news on the Bundy front...maybe we'll hear about Bobby someday soon, too.

Wada preparing to finally join Orioles | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Coming soon to a bullpen near you: another soft tossin' lefty!

Orioles Q & A: Rill Talk with ... Manny Machado - Carroll County Times: Baltimore Orioles Manny keeps it Rill.

On this day in 1960, catcher Clint Courtney used an oversized mitt designed by manager Paul Richards so that he could handle the dancing knuckler of Hoyt Wilhelm. The mitt was a success and so, of course, MLB banned it.

It's the birthday of former pitching coach Mark Connor and Miguel "El Modesto" Gonzalez.