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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Happy Kevin Gausman Day!

Manny being Manny
Manny being Manny
Patrick McDermott

Nice to finally gain a game on the Yankees. Unfortunately for the Birds, the rest of the AL East did as well, so there was no ground to be made up on the Sox or gained on the Rays & Jays. Oh well. If the club can keep on winning these things will work themselves out. A now veteran Kevin Gausman takes the bump today and faces off against Nate Karns, a first timer like Goose was himself just 5 short days ago. Wonder when the last time Goose took an at bat was? Be pretty sweet if he caught himself a fat pitch and parked it in the stands.

Baltimore Orioles vs. Washington Nationals - Recap - May 27, 2013 - ESPN
Always good to get the first one in the bag. But it is the JV League, so you should win these games even if you are playing by their antiquated system of rules.

Jim Johnson's Struggles and Why Changing Speeds is so Important | Baltimore Sports and LifeBaltimore Sports and Life

A 5mph gap between FB and CU ain't gonna get the job done.

Orioles' Davis continuing to excel after hot start | News

Could Davis be the starting 1Bman for the AL All-Star squad? Certainly has the performance to justify it. But I'd imagine he'll be edged out by a bigger name such as Prince Fielder.

Getting relief for Baltimore Orioles' relief corps -

Hopefully the kid has 7+ IP in him tonight. And I have no conception of what Buck is muttering about in his included quote. Musta gotten into 3DG's secret stash.

Day later, Hunter says his reaction wasn't smart | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

No, probably not. But it was awesome.

Baseball Prospectus | Overthinking It: This Week in Catcher Framing, 5/25

Ben Lindbergh takes a look at Matt Wieters in his weekly Catcher Framing column.

Happy Birthday, Daniel Cabrera!