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Lineups for Baltimore Orioles @ Washington Nationals, May 28

Patrick McDermott

No one in the Orioles lineup has ever faced Nationals starter Nathan Karns, owing to the fact that he's just been called up from AA for today's game. Say, how did it go the last time the O's faced an AA call-up?

Karns is a right-hander, which, as you probably know by now, bodes well for lefty batters, and also Adam Jones and Manny Machado, who enjoy nice reverse platoon splits. Jones has a .916 OPS vs. righties this year, with Machado hitting for a .943 OPS off of RHP.

These are some baseball players. I assume they are, anyway, though I cannot confirm whether their manager has specifically labeled them as such.

Note the absence of Bryce Harper for a second straight game. He has fluid in his knee, which sounds kind of gross. This is called bursitis, which you may have already known. That also sounds gross, and similar to the bursar's office, which anyone who has ever attended college knows is gross as well.

Harper may be seen as the DH as this series moves to Camden Yards tomorrow.

Looking ahead to the weekend series against the Tigers, this is in our future:

Verlander has the third-highest K/9 among MLB starters with an 11.18. Scherzer is 6th with 10.67. The weather is supposed to get hot in Baltimore, but all the whiffs may fan you and keep you cool.