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Wednesday Bird Droppings

A series Sweep eludes the Birds once more. Like with Stephen L. Miles, 'Let's talk about it'.!!

Well, the masses got what they wanted. They got an early Gausmas. You happy now? It's almost as if minor league stats don't mean nearly as much as one may want to ascribe to them. It's almost as if the jump from AA to the Majors is the single biggest jump in opposition talent a player will face. It's almost as if a player, pitchers in particular, can't get away with the same mistakes they made in the minors. It's almost as if development is a slow grind and patience is required for something like 98% of prospects. But anyway...Gausman is here now and he ain't going back down to the minors. Nor should he. There is nothing particularly there for him to learn. And there is no pitcher down in Norfolk who is going to ride in and save the rotation. Wax ecstatic for Duquette's 'Next man up' style of roster management. It's a fine plan and all...until he runs out of bullets.

School of Roch: Gausman will start again Sunday
As he should. He's learning what he needs to do to get big leaguers out. And I'd rather not see him pushed back so he can face the lollipop squad of Houston.

Jason Hammel consoles Kevin Gausman after rough start -


Roberts begins increasing baseball activity | News

Encouraging news on BriBob, Tea, and Hunter. No news in particular on Chen, Betemit, or Schoop.

Strop says problems are mental | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

Jake made mention of this as well. So what is the org. doing to help them harness their abilities?

PressBox: Who Would Close For The Orioles If Jim Johnson Can't?

Make mine a Hunter! I'd rather keep O'Day for high leverage situations in the 7th or 8th.

Steve Melewski: The 2013 Orioles offense is outperforming the 2012 version by a big margin

Unfortunately, the pitching hasn't kept pace with v.2012

Q&A: Mark Reynolds, Strikeouts and Bombs | FanGraphs Baseball

"I’m still not fully a contact hitter, per se." O RLY, Wrapper?

Washington columnist suggests Bryce Harper will hit the Warehouse this week | Roar From 34

Gonna be awfully difficult while riding the pine. Perhaps Thor can give him a demonstration as to how it's done.

Chris Davis's Home Run Breakfast Includes Sweet Potato Pancakes And Eggs - Baltimore Sports Report

So...pancakes & eggs > donuts

Angels pitcher Robert Coello's mystery pitch leaves hitters muttering under their breath - Yahoo! Sports

WTF, indeed.

Austin Wilson Is Not Only All About Tools | FanGraphs Baseball

This kid could fall to the O's in the draft. He looks and sounds like he could be a great addition to the farm system.

On this date in 1965 Jerry Hoffberger became a part owner of the O's. In 1970 Mike Cuellar K's 4 straight Angels' hitters in an inning. In 1990 (non O's related) Rickey Henderson became 'the greatest of all time', at least in terms of stolen bases. Love Rickey. But not quite as much as Rickey loves Rickey. Also in 1990, the Mets fired Davey Johnson. Today is the birthday of Eric Davis, Jerry Hariston, and Marylander favorite Leo Heras.