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Orioles Recall Ryan Flaherty from Norfolk, Option Yamaico Navarro

Guess who's back? Your favorite light-hitting second baseman and mine: Ryan Flaherty.


The outside observer can sometimes find glimpses of lucidity in the margins of Dan Duquette's fringe roster moves. The two- or three-day just-in-case reliever, for instance, is not frequently juggled by other teams, but you can understand this guy is here in case of emergency. Swapping bench bats, backup catchers, whatever. These things make a modicum of sense.

Then there are the moves where to try to understand them is to stare into a swirling maelstrom of madness. Gaze long into the abyss and the abyss will gaze also into you, dear reader. Do not gaze into it. Do not question the mind of a madman. Only know that this is what has transpired:

Yamaico Navarro, who has played in a total of eight games for the Orioles this season, has been optioned once again to the Norfolk Tides. He will be replaced on the roster by none other than Ryan Flaherty, who is, in fact, the starting second baseman tonight.

Again: do not question it. I beg this of you. Do not attempt to understand. Down that path lies only pain and suffering. Just know that starting tonight, the flahrt of the order returns. He may be here for a while again. Know this and accept it. He is batting .133/.228/.233 at the major league level this season. But oh! The Orioles press release would like for you to know that he had four multi-hit games in eight games played with the Tides since being optioned.

This is the sound of how much I care about his AAA performance: