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Washington Nationals @ Baltimore Orioles Lineups - May 29

Your lineups for Wednesday night.

Patrick McDermott

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is the name of Ryan Flaherty in the lineup. As I wrote earlier, do not ask why.

Most of the Orioles lineup has seen little of Nationals starter Jordan Zimmermann. Adam Jones is 3-12 with a home run, which amounts to a modest .750 OPS. That's the most plate appearances by any Orioles hitter against Zimmermann. Steve Pearce is 2-6 with a pair of doubles. The rest have both not seen him much and not done well when they have seen him.

Don't look up Zimmermann's ERA if you want to feel good about tonight's game.

Dang it, I told you not to look.

Only five Nats batters have appearances against Chris Tillman, and it's only 18 PA between the five of them. So, very small sample size. Their collective slash line is .313/.389/.500, but we can all pretend that was a different year's version of Tillman, and he's better this year, right? Sure.