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Washington Nationals @ Baltimore Orioles Lineups - May 30

The Orioles and Nationals lineups for Thursday night's game.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

This is the lineup set to face Dan Haren, who has struggled so far this year.

Nick Markakis has the most appearances against Haren with 25. He has a .588 OPS in those appearances, so, uh... well, dang.

Other players have seen a bit less of Haren but enjoyed more success in that limited time. J.J. Hardy is 5-12 with three doubles, and Nate McLouth is 4-9 with two doubles and a home run.

Nationals batters have a combined 40 plate appearances against Freddy Garcia and are only batting .132/.175/.132. As sample sizes go, it is not very significant, but that's what there is there.

You probably already know I'm not so optimistic about Garcia's chances tonight.