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Miguel Gonzalez injury: burst blister forces the starting pitcher from the game after six innings.

Gonzalez had to leave the game after six innings and could miss his next start.


Miguel Gonzalez exited last night's game after six innings and just 80 pitches. He'd given up three runs, but was poised to go deeper into the game when a burst blister on his pitching hand forced him out.

Britt Ghiroli gave out the news in bits and pieces on her Twitter feed (as is the way with Twitter). Here is the consolidated version: Gonzalez had been pitching with the blister before today's game, and while it had been affecting him when he threw his fastball, he was able to pitch through it. It started hurting in the fourth inning last night, and in the sixth inning it ripped open and he had to come out of the game.

With the off day on Monday, the Orioles will be able to give Gonzalez one extra day of rest, but if he needs more than that (and it sounds like he might), he'll have to miss his next start. With the loss of Chris Davis in last night's game as well, the Orioles have lost their best hitter, so if they lose Gonzalez from their already tattered rotation, it could be ugly for awhile.

If the Orioles want to fill in for Gonzalez without making anymore roster moves (they still have to manipulate the roster to add Freddy Garcia to the 40-man before today's game), T.J. McFarland is likely to take Gonzalez's place in the rotation for a spot start. If it's determined that they need to put Gonzalez on the disabled list (which doesn't appear to be a consideration at this time) and call someone up, then your guess is as good as mine.