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Saturday Bird Droppings

If you're looking for good news about the Orioles, you might want to skip today's articles. Help me, Russ Canzler. You’re our only hope.

Jeff Gross

Jason Vargas goes the distance in shutout win over Orioles, 4-0 -
"Jason Vargas may have finally come up with a solution for the troubles plaguing the Angels ' bullpen: Don't use it." That seems a tad harsh.

Orioles star Chris Davis upbeat after hurting knee, to have MRI | News
"Orioles first baseman Chris Davis left Friday night's game against the Angels in the top of the fifth inning with a right knee injury." Why does Dante's infamous "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here" keep ringing in my head? I've got a bad feeling about this.

Miguel Gonzalez speaks after his start -
Miguel Gonzalez spoke with Gary Thorne after the game. His blister developed during his last start, and popped tonight. Have that image in your head over your morning coffee.

Dylan Bundy elbow setback a legitimate concern for Baltimore Orioles - ESPN
"Furthermore, while the PRP injection may be of help to Bundy, it is also entirely possible that his symptoms will persist." I'm gonna bring you ALL the rainbows and unicorns this morning.

Machado settling in, finds timing at the plate | News
"There's such a thing as over-coach or manage early on," manager Buck Showalter said. "I just tried to leave him alone and just let him seek his level..." And that's why he was in the #2 spot longer than we thought he needed to be. Talent, like water, finds its own level.

Brian Matusz is as smooth as Mozart in Orioles 'pen |
"It's been a fun ride,'' Brian Matusz countered. "It's been a good opportunity to pitch in the bullpen, to learn and be a different part of the game.'' So, he's finally accepting his role on the team. Good to know.

Baltimore Orioles trust in their talent keep winning - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
"Oh, the Orioles are only 4-5 in one-run games and 1-2 in extra innings. But they’re 17-12 overall, right in the thick of the AL East scrum. And as general manager Dan Duquette says, "Maybe we don’t have to win as many one-run games this year. Maybe we have a better club, and will get more consistent run production." Well, that was a great plan until Chris Davis went down last night...

Metallica performs The Star-Spangled Banner - Video | Multimedia
Bay Area heavy metal legends Metallica perform the National Anthem before last night's game in San Francisco. TURN IT UP!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't appear to be the birthday of any former or current Orioles, but I could be wrong. (EDIT: And apparently I am)