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Sunday Bird Droppings

Today will be the most beautiful day of your life. Breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever had. Chris Davis isn't going on the disabled list! And an end to West Coast games for months! Months, I say!

Chris Snyder. Because I have a feeling we'll see more of Freddy Garcia.
Chris Snyder. Because I have a feeling we'll see more of Freddy Garcia.

Orioles 5, Angels 4 (10): Steve Pearce's RBI single with two outs in the 10th inning lifted Baltimore - FOX Sports on MSN
''That was a good debut for us. I'm real proud of Freddy,'' manager Buck Showalter said. ''He was a difference-maker today. But that's Freddy. That's what he's been doing for a long, long time. He just kept getting us off the field." Warning: Auto-play video. and Honey Badger GM just keeps finding players. Baseball players. Legit baseball players who are major leaugers. OK, I'm running out of meaningless cliches. Moving along...

School of Roch: Heaping praise on Hunter
"Tommy Hunter picked up the win yesterday with a scoreless ninth. He hasn't allowed a run in his last seven outings since April 10 in Boston." Dare I say Tommy Go Boom and O-Day O-Day, O-Day O'Day have switched roles? (Seriously, sing it in your head. It makes sense.)

Davis likely to avoid DL, Duquette says " Britt's Bird Watch
"It doesn’t look like Chris Davis will go to the DL," executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette told over the phone." And with that, our long, national nightmare is over. What, 36 hours doesn't count as a long national nightmare?

Orioles and Nationals have complicated relationship when it comes to marketing -
"Each team markets more heavily close to home. But the Orioles don't believe countless baseball fans in Washington, Virginia and other states abandoned the team once the Nationals showed up. "We feel there are certainly many Orioles fans who have been Orioles fans for many years throughout the region that should continue to receive information on the club and want to follow the club," (Baltimore Orioles PR rep Greg) Bader said." I'm sure no one can find anything worth arguing about in this statement.

It's the birthday of former Oriole Chuck Locke. No, I don't think his own family knew he played for the Orioles, so don't feel bad. He only logged two games of MLB service time, pitching just 3.0 innings. Didn't give up a run or a hit, just one walk against one strike-out. He faced just 11 batters in his MLB career. Pitched in 274 minor league games with just that one September call-up. Kinda feel badly for the guy.

In 1955, "The musical Damn Yankees, based on Douglass Wallop's novel The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant opens on Broadway. The comedy, set in in Washington, D.C during the Bronx Bombers' dominance in baseball in the 1950s, tells the tale of an aging Washington Senators fan's bargain with the devil to help his hapless team." Also known as one of only two musicals I will voluntarily watch. Because whatever Lola wants...

And if you thought rookies making the O's look hapless is a relatively new phenomenon, a reminder that in 1962, "In just his fourth big league start, Bo Belinsky throws the first hitless game in Angels history and the first one ever tossed at Dodger Stadium, beating the Orioles, 2-0. The 25-year old southpaw is only the tenth rookie to throw a no-hitter."

And be careful out there - it's Revenge Of The 5th Day. "I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further."