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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Come for the news. Stay for the arguments.

Such a strapping young lad
Such a strapping young lad

"What are we going to do today, Brain?"

'The same thing we do everyday, Pinky-try to melt SBNs servers with circular philosophical arguments on the nature of knowledge and whether we can truly 'know' anything.'

So...that was fun, yesterday. Or was it? Depends on your own personal philosophical bent, I suppose. Anywho...since yesterday was an off-day for the Birds of Baltimore, there ain't much in the way of news. But here's the meager helping you'll get and like! Now go entertain yourselves by playing in the street or licking an electrical outlet!

Orioles’ Machado shows maturity on and off field | The Salt Lake Tribune
Let's all dote on Manny like a Grandmother dotes on her grandson.

3 to Watch: The ' World Series' edition -

Royals vs. Orioles: Who. Will. Own it?!

School of Roch: Focusing on Flaherty in the field
Basically...get used to seeing him in the lineup.

No fluke, 2013 Orioles are better | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

Oh, lordy...'!'

Orioles working toward all-knuckleballer staff - Baseball Nation

I can't wait for the 'Orioles turning Dylan Bundy into a knuckleballer' headlines.

Steve Melewski: ESPN injury expert with some thoughts on Dylan Bundy and PRP injections

Bell echos what Will Carroll stated on the BirdTalk podcast I previously linked to. Basically, nothing is certain at the moment. Wait out the 6 week rest period and reevaluate the situation then.

Today is the birthday of Brook Fordcye and the recently retired Conor Jackson.