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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Like a Matt Wieters bloop to LF. Not pretty, but they get the job done.

Frank Robby was a bad, bad man. Badder than LeRoy Brown even!
Frank Robby was a bad, bad man. Badder than LeRoy Brown even!
Mitchell Layton

20 wins in the books. Another 70+ to go. Nice to finally gain some ground on both clubs who were ahead of the O's coming into the night. Twins and Rockies proving to be more formidable than I figured them to be this season. Matt Harvey's pretty good. Too bad for the Mets that they still don't have a no-hitter in their history*. Frightening incident in Toronto, as JA Happ took a line drive to the skull. Good luck to him in his recovery. Past time to figure out a way to get some sort of shock-absorbent liner into ballcaps (at least for the pitchers to wear) don't you think?

Anyway, come in here dear boy, have a cigar...and peruse some links o' the day.

Kansas City Royals vs. Baltimore Orioles - Recap - May 07, 2013 - ESPN
Certainly nice anytime Wiet can find some success from the left side of the plate.

School of Roch: Hardy won't use elbow as an excuse

A thought has crept into the back of my mind of late. Namely, that JJ, who previously throughout his career has a habit of missing some amount of time during the season due to injury, has been pretty durable for quite a while now.

Steve Melewski: Miguel Gonzalez provides an update on his thumb blister

Hopefully this isn't going to be a recurring issue for him. Could really use someone to step up and match Chen's early pace.

Unhappy Roberts to see knee specialist | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

'Hi, Reuben. It's Dan Duquette. I'd like to talk to you about Chase Utley...'

A Bird, a City and a Woebegone Dream

Wayward chirps some as he takes stock of the nest.

Miguel Tejada back in Baltimore as a reserve infielder with Kansas City Royals -

Miggy! Sweet play last night for him.

Frank Robinson's historic homer out of Memorial Stadium remembered -

Frank Robinson's mammoth 451-foot blast 47 years ago was the only homer ever to be hit completely out of old Memorial Stadium.

Wins are an Imperfect Way to Measure Who is Best | Baltimore Sports and LifeBaltimore Sports and Life

This is true.

As mentioned in the links, today is the anniversary of Frank Robinson's mammoth shot that flew out of Memorial Stadium. In 1997, the O's pasted Randy Johnson ending streak of 16 consecutive Wins. On this day last year, Josh Hamilton made O's pitching his own personal pinata as he blasted 4 HRs in a Texas rout of the O's at OPACY.

Today marks the birthdates of Mike Cuellar, John Maine, and Alfredo Simon.