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Tuesday Bird Droppings

It's rainin' links, Hallelujah it's rainin' links

Patrick Smith

Weather notwithstanding, that's a nice way to start off the homestand. Get a strong performance out of the 5th Starter. Beat their Ace. Limit the damage of a couple of Home Runs by Trout and Hamilton by not having runners on in front of them. Make a few spectacular defensive plays. Survive some obstinate umpiring by 'Cowboy' Joe West. However you put the pieces together it adds up to an Orioles Win. And while the Sox may have emerged victorious as well, they did so against the Rays. So the O's stood to either gain ground or add distance in the A.L. East regardless. Plus it's always nice to see them combine to burn up 14 total Relief Pitchers in the first game of a series. Hopefully they play a 20 inning game on Wednesday prior to the Sox coming into Charm City for a 4 game series. And while the Yankees had the day off yesterday they commence a series with the A's, currently in possession of the 2nd Wild Card slot. So another series where the O's, should they take care of their own business, can pick up ground on a fellow contender. Vargas vs. MiGo at the Yards tonight. Lester vs. Carmona Hernandez at the Trop. Sabathia vs. Colon out in Oak-town. That poor, poor, pitching mound gonna get abused tonight.

West, Showalter and Scioscia talk about Monday's field conditions -
Surprised to see West answer some questions regarding allowing play to continue both during and after the deluge.

Orioles pitchers are giving up plenty of homers but limiting the damage -
So long as there is no one on base ahead of the dinger hitter I'm okay with this.

PressBox: Chris Davis Will Have To Adjust To New Pitching Approach

I think he just needs to drink more Hulk Juice.

How AL All-Star roster is shaping up - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

Schoenfield fills some space by breaking down the AL All Star roster.

With stars emerging, Baltimore Orioles restocking pipeline's depth | News

Scouting Director Gary Rajsich discusses the draft and the farm system in general.

Matt Wieters leads call to Cape League Hall |

Matt Wieters and Garrett Atkins make the Hall of Fame. Wait...what???

Byron Buxton Makes A Catch for The Ages -

That's a Plus!