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Baltimore Orioles @ Detroit Tigers lineups - June 17

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Against the right-handed Max Scherzer, there's nothing surprising here.

J.J. Hardy has seen the most of Scherzer, with only a .190 OBP in 22 PA. Nick Markakis is 4-13 with three walks in 16 PA, and Adam Jones has an 8-15 that includes two doubles and a home run.

Scherzer has 106 strikeouts in 90.1 IP this season, which is actually stupid. He does not walk people and he does not give up a lot of home runs. He is one of three pitchers with nine wins (tied for most in the AL) and one of two that has a 9-0 record. His 3.19 ERA is good for 13th-best in the AL. There are 12 guys better than that? Wow.

What could possibly go wrong with a pitcher like Jake Arrieta who can't throw strikes and gives up a lot of home runs against this lineup? What, indeed. I can't imagine what that could be.

Here is a Miguel Gonzalez baby update:

There is no Jason Hammel health update as of yet. If he can start tomorrow, he probably will. If he can't, and Gonzalez is still with the team, it will probably be Zach Britton. If Hammel can't start and Gonzalez goes to be with his wife, Kevin Gausman will probably start. Whoever it is will get to face Justin Verlander, who strikes out batters at about the same rate as Scherzer.