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Orioles rotation news: Hammel unlikely to pitch Tuesday, Britton expected

Jason Hammel is not expected to pitch Tuesday's game, meaning Jake Arrieta will probably be optioned and Zach Britton will be called up to start.


Prior to Monday's game against Detroit, manager Buck Showalter told reporters that he is "leaning against" having Jason Hammel start the game on Tuesday. Hammel has been battling an illness and will probably not be strong enough to pitch.

Instead, Zach Britton is expected to be called up to start the game. In all likelihood, this means that Jake Arrieta is ticketed to be optioned following tonight's game no matter how well he does.

Britton has not pitched poorly since his most recent banishment to Norfolk. His last five starts have seen him throw 31 innings while giving up seven earned runs. In that time, he has 26 strikeouts to 11 walks, and has only given up one home run. There are worse options.

Hammel is now expected to start Friday, and the Orioles will adjust their rotation from there. Britton will probably also be soon returning to Norfolk regardless of how well he pitches against Detroit on Tuesday.

Initially, I figured Kevin Gausman might return to start Tuesday's game. However, his return was contingent on either someone going onto the DL or Miguel Gonzalez being on the paternity list. With no baby news, Gausman looks to be starting a game on Tuesday for Norfolk. Perhaps the Orioles will try to shuffle him back up to Baltimore the next time his rotation turn comes up.