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Orioles Injury News: Dylan Bundy and Dr. James Andrews Mentioned in the Same Sentence a Second Time


For all those who were holding out hope that the dismal starting rotation of the Orioles might be bolstered later this year by Dylan Bundy, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news: following Monday's game, the beat reporters learned that Bundy had a setback while throwing from 120 feet as part of his throwing progression. For a second time, his name has been mentioned in the same sentence as Dr. James Andrews.

Last time this occurred, it was the end of April, and Andrews administered a platelet-rich plasma injection and prescribed six weeks of rest before Bundy resumed throwing. That recovery had been going fine up until today.

Multiple MRIs previously indicated that there was not a tear in the ligament in Bundy's elbow. The diagnosis was flexor mass tightness. Whatever it is, it is still not cleared up now as Bundy was working his way back.

The question presents itself, same as it did before: does Bundy need Tommy John Surgery? He will consult with Orioles team physician Dr. Wilckens on Tuesday or Wednesday, according to MASN's Roch Kubatko, and is expected to visit Andrews again after that.

If it ends up that Bundy does need the surgery, that will be a bitter pill to swallow, given that he has not been right since spring training. If he'd needed the surgery all along but went under the knife in March, he could be ready to go for next season. Now, if he ends up needing Tommy John, we can forget about him until 2015, with the only consolation prize being that, unlike when Stephen Strasburg had to get Tommy John, Bundy will not be accumulating major league service time unless placed on the 60-day disabled list.

The time has not quite arrived to press the panic button about Bundy, but our hands are hovering, ready to strike. Any time there's a setback for a forearm injury, it's not good news. The only question is how bad is the news. We will know when there is something to know.