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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Snap out of it!

Darren O'Day ponders the meaning of existence
Darren O'Day ponders the meaning of existence
Rob Carr

Remember a few short years ago when a 4 game losing streak was the rule not the exception? Life may well have been much simpler for an O's fan back then. But I'll happily take the current frustration with this club over the despair of days gone by. Just keep that in mind whenever you want to cuss a player on this team. I'm not saying they are above criticism. It's perfectly valid to point out failures and shortcomings (Matt Wieters' hitting, Pedro Strop's pitching, etc.). But keep in mind that this is basically the same squad that gave you, Denizen of Birdland, a playoff appearance just last season. For that alone they are deserving of your eternal respect and admiration. Lecture over. Staff Ace Chris Tillman takes the mound looking to halt this 4 game losing streak. The O's have won each of the last 6 games Tillman has started, dating back to May 24th. He will be opposed by Rude Boy Justin Masterson, who, if memory serves, has fared rather decently against this current vintage of O's squad. Here's hoping The Clash were wrong, and that Rudie can, in fact, fail.

School of Roch: This, that and the other
This edition of Roch's grab bag features interesting notes on the future of Flarht, Gausman, and Henry Urrutia.

Dylan Bundy has setback while throwing, to be re-evaluated Tuesday | HardballTalk
Welp. I'd like to retain some optimism here, but I'm wavering in my conviction to it at this point. See ya in 2015, Dylan.

Roberts leads list of O's on road to health | News

Though BtY may continue to ail, several other Birds will soon be returning to the nest.

Working a trade to upgrade Orioles' rotation easier said than done -
Eddie throws some cold water on your hopes for a big trade.

On this date in 1970 the O's would trail the Red Sox 7-0 after 5 innings before storming back to tie the game in the 9th before pulling away with 6 more runs in the 14th. In 1988, Cal would play his 1000th consecutive game. Today is the birthdate of Luke Scott and Pedro Viola.