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Cleveland Indians @ Baltimore Orioles Lineups - June 25


Why Alexi Casilla when you could have Ryan Flaherty against a right-handed? The answer may lie in Casilla's familiarity with Cleveland starter Justin Masterson. He's seen the most of Masterson, 28 plate appearances, and has the highest OPS, a .934. Casilla has nine hits including a double, a triple, and a home run.

On the other hand, good numbers from Danny Valencia (6-16 with a double) are not enough to get him in the starting lineup tonight. Who knows.

These are some guys and we can be reasonably certain they will play a baseball game this evening.

Nick Swisher has seen Chris Tillman a few times from his Yankees tenure. He has a 5-15 with a double and a home run. None of the other Cleveland batters have even ten plate appearances against Tillman.

Brian Roberts' rehab can't go any worse than Nolan Reimold's, unless he hurts himself again, but given that we all had written off Roberts ever playing anyway, it's not like we've lost anything there.

Just maybe, somehow, Roberts will work his way back and play at a decent level for a couple of weeks before he inevitably gets hurt again.