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The view from Kigga's seat

Another view from Monday's game, where Camden Chat reader Kigga had great seats to see the Orioles lose.


This Camden Chatter was at the game Monday (but apparently did not hang out with duck...which makes sense since they don't know each other) with seats on the third base side. Here is the view from section 56, row 4, seat 1.

You can't tell from the pic above, but the picture is a panorama and quite lovely. Here is the full version (click to see it larger):


Please note that I originally attributed this to birdman. When Kigga emailed me, the name on his account was the same first and last name of our esteemed birdman, and he provided no other identifying information. The lesson here is that when you send me the view from your seat, tell me your Camden Chat user name!