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Thursday Bird Droppings

OK, who taught the Astros to hit? Or should we just blame Freddy Garcia?


So, last night's game was pretty crappy. I thought they had a chance when J.J. Hardy came to the plate as the tying run, but alas. The Astros haven't proven as easy to beat as we all thought, but if the O's can get the series win they'll still be in good shape.

The first two rounds of the amateur draft begin tonight at 6 p.m. and while we don't have the excitement of a top five pick, it'll still be interesting to see who the O's take. They'll have three picks today: #22, #37, and #61.

Showalter appreciates McLouth's baserunning instincts |
Don't we all, though? There's also a story in here on Dave Trembley meeting up with his old team. Trembley is a coach with the Astros.

Will Orioles pull off big deal this year? | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
When is the last time the Orioles pulled off a big deal mid-season? I guess it's not fair to ask that question given their past teams, but it just doesn't seem likely to me.

The Orioles To Host Series Of 'Vote Orange' Rallies | WBAL Radio 1090 AM
The Orioles REALLY want you to vote in the All Star Game.

Orioles' Steve Johnson dealing with oblique discomfort -
Not the oblique!

Camden Depot: Better Plate Discipline Fueling Machado's Offensive Improvement
Manny Machado is good at baseball. If you need more information than that, click the link.

Possible Trade Targets For The Baltimore Orioles | I Hate JJ Redick
Jake Peavy, anyone?

Happy birthday to Merv Rettenmund, outfielder for the Orioles from 1968-72.

This day in Camden Chat history! In 2006, SC took a poll of our favorite current Orioles. The list to choose from is sad, and I for some reason chose Chris Ray. In 2009, I wrote about the Orioles losing to the A's. In 2010, duck gave us Birds Up, O's Down. And in 2012, the Orioles signed Nate McLouth. That turned out pretty good!