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Around the Minors: 6/6/13

Kind of a crazy day around the farm with all the rain, Norfolk won, Delmarva won the continuation of yesterday's game, and both DSL teams lost. But about the prospects!

Tsuyoshi Wada was OK today!
Tsuyoshi Wada was OK today!
J. Meric

Norfolk won 9-3. Tsuyoshi Wada did not have a bad outing, giving up 3 ER in 5.1 IP on 6 hits and a walk, striking out 6 with a GB/FB of 3/5. Jon Rauch had another scoreless inning, walking one, striking out none and not giving up a hit. LJ Hoes went 1-4 with a K. Brandon Wood went 0-5 with a K. If you didn't hear, Lew Ford is having groin surgery. That's too bad. There were a lot of really nice stories after last season ended, and one poster here wrote about how Ford went to Pickles after the season ended and you could feel how a guy like him would appreciate a moment like that.

Delmarva won 1-0 after 5 and a half innings. Following Juan Guzman's 3 scorless yesterday, Lex Rutledge had a clean sheet in 2 innings, striking out 2 and recording 4 groundouts. He doesn't have the best K/BB ratio, but he is doing well in terms of run prevention. Lucas Herbst added a single today.

The first DSL Orioles lost 11-6. Victor Medina went 1-3 with a double, a walk and a K. Rochendrick Alexander went 1-4.

The other DSLers lost the Yankees, 8-3. Ademar Rifaela went 1-3 with a triple and a walk. 19 y/o RHP Cesar Medina had a clean sheet in 2.2 IP, striking out 2. Attendance figures were not released.

Your minor league boxers.