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Friday Bird Droppings

Three shiny, new toys for Duquette, Peterson and Company and much more on today's thrilling edition of Bird Droppings...

J.J. Hardy: on a tear, rockin the soul patch like it's 1991
J.J. Hardy: on a tear, rockin the soul patch like it's 1991
Bob Levey

What an action packed day! Victory, draft still my beating heart. A repeat today would be just fine in my book. Next rounds of the draft commence at 12:30 and can be seen on

The O's continue their road trip to stadiums named after fruit juice concerns with a trip to the monstrosity known as Tropicana Field. It would be a great time to pick up some games on those pesky Rays.

There is much to interest and amuse this AM...

O's go with bloodlines in taking Harvey at No. 22 | News Hunter "Hearst" Harvey? Chance Sisco? I think we've got some projectable big league names, here. Britt has more information that may actually be useful...

Reminder: The new competitive-balance picks are absurd - Baseball Nation That competitive balance pick? Grant Brisbee is NOT down.

Avery returned to Norfolk, relief help coming | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Au revoir, X Man...buenos dias, Pedro?

School of Roch: What's the latest on Wada? Probably not a whole lot here you haven't heard about Wada, but if you happened to be concerned about the org losing him over being optioned, rest easy.

Can Zach Britton Turn the Tide? | FanGraphs Baseball A review of Zach Britton's last start.

Camden Depot: Quick View - Nicky Delmonico Another perspective on Nicky Delmonico...

Watch: Orioles, Caps Mascots Crash A Wedding | ThePostGame The Bird is the word.

On this day in 1998, the O's retired Eddie Murray's number.