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Saturday Bird Droppings

Brian Roberts was back in the dugout with the boys last night.
Brian Roberts was back in the dugout with the boys last night.

Crappy loss last night, but what are you gonna do? The offense needs to get it together and maybe Jeremy Hellickson is the cure for their ills.

Roberts: Pre-All-Star break return 'definitely realistic' |
I hope so, but like the rest of you I'm sure, I'll believe it when I see it.

Steve Melewski: Calvert Hall catcher Alex Murphy says he has agreed to terms with the Orioles
He hasn't actually signed anything, but he is stoked to be an Oriole.

Review of the Orioles First Day of the Draft | Baltimore Sports and Life
Jon Shepherd's review of the top three picks for the Orioles.

Orioles Buzz: Matthew Taylor: How a second wild card might have rewritten O's history
Matt Taylor imagines a world where there has always been a second wild card.

Chris Davis matures into slugger with Baltimore Orioles after leaving Texas Rangers - ESPN Dallas
Writing about Chris Davis is the cool new thing to do. This one is from the perspective of the team he left behind.

Today is the birthday of former Orioles Lenn Sakata and Mark Belanger, and the 24th birthday of current Oriole T.J. McFarland. Happy birthday, TJ!