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Around the Minors: 7/9/13

The affiliates go four for six on the night, with Bowie being off as the AA leagues have their all star break.

What's up Thor?
What's up Thor?
Credit: Bill Vaughan/Bowie Baysox

Norfolk won 4-3. Jair Jurrjens gave up 1 ER in 6.1 IP on 9 hits, striking out 2, walking none, with a GB/FB of 6/5. Henry Urrutia went 2-4 with a double (off rehabbing Brandon Beachy no less), striking out once. LJ Hoes went 1-3 with a walk. Xavier Avery went 1-3 with a walk and a K.

Bowie was off, but Caleb Joseph won the AA home run hitting contest. Link.

Facing top prospect Kyle Zimmer, Frederick lost 8-1. Tim Berry gave up 6 ER in 4.2 IP on 10 hits and a walk, striking out 7 with a GB/FB of 4/0. Jesse Beal gave up 1 ER in 1.1 IP on 4 hits, striking out 1. Michael Ohlman went 1-4 with 2 Ks. Nicky Delmonico went 0-4 with 3 Ks. Christian Walker went 1-4 with a double.

Against #1 overall Mark Appel, Aberdeen won 8-2 in 10. 21 y/o Dominican rightie Janser Severino gave up 2 ER in 5 IP on 3 hits (1 HR) and a walk, striking out 6 with a GB/FB of 5/5. Hector Veloz DNP. Mike Yastrzemski went 0-4 with a walk and a K.

The GCL Birds were suspended in the third inning.

The original DSLers won 11-4. 18 y/o Brazilian rightie Rafael Moreno gave up 2 ER in 6 IP on six hits and two walks, striking out 4 with a GB/FB of 4/7. Rochendrick Alexander went 1-5 with 2 Ks. Victor Medina went 0-3 with a walk.

The other DSLers won 2-1 in 12. 18 y/o Venezuelan rightie Christian Alvarado gave up 1 ER in 6 IP on 5 hits (1 HR) and a walk, striking out 8 with a GB/FB of 0/8. Daniel Fajardo went 2-5 with 2 doubles.

Your minor league boxers.