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Wednesday Bird Droppings

What's the word with the Birds, you ask? Come and discover.

The embodiment of The Oriole Way
The embodiment of The Oriole Way
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Steve Melewski: Adam Jones on chasing pitches and the O's loss to Texas (plus Machado, Britton quotes)
The topic du jour, I guess. No one seemed to mind Adam's free swinging ways back in April and May. But now he's the worst player on the team in the fevered minds of some delusional fans.

On Adam Jones And Plate Discipline - Baltimore Sports Report

Adam Jones' discipline at the plate has been a hot button issue in Baltimore after the Orioles centerfielder hit .237/.248/.386 in June.

School of Roch: Showalter's plans for second base
Same old song and dance. Offense is struggling = let's talk about how bat the 2B production has been. Which is fine, I suppose, but it's bigger than that. And when the club was steamrolling opposing pitchers they showed they could that without getting production from 2B. It's just not a concern in my mind. More important, to me at least, to just get solid defensive value out of whoever is playing there. Any offense is mere gravy.

Steve Melewski: Kevin Gausman talks about adapting to a bullpen role
I'm really not particularly fond of the manner in which Gausman has been used thus far. I'm fine with him serving in the 'pen. But use him, certainly, for more than 1 inning stints. He ought be used for longer than 2 inning stints each time. Why not leave him in to face Pierzynski last night?

Camden Depot: Chris Tillman: Limiting the Damage of the Long Ball

With Chen back I suppose we can retire all the various #StaffAce memes, as Chen is the only true one.

Ryan Braun refused to answer MLB's questions about Biogenesis clinic, sources say - ESPN

Bud Selig's likely lasting gift to Baseball fans: future Labor-Owners unrest. Thanks, Allen Huber Selig. I'm definitely going to enjoy the Strike that eliminates 201? season. I'm sure this will all be worth it.

Looking Back: How We Ranked The 2013 All-Stars -
Fun to look back at how our beloved Birds (well, except for Adam Jones amongst a certain set of commenter on here it seems) were viewed while still mere hatchlings.

Bat-retrieving dog for New York Yankees' Double-A Trenton Thunder dies - ESPN New York

Think it's perfectly appropriate to suspend the 'there's no crying in baseball' rule for a moment here.

On this date in 1968, Hank Bauer is fired as Manager of the O's. He will be replaced by a guy who will make a minor impact on the club: Earl Weaver. In 2010, the O's rock the Rangers newly acquired Ace, Cliff Lee. Maximum Izturis takes Lee deep and Chris Tillman pitches a fine game, going 7.1 IP while allowing but 2 hits and 1 unearned Run. Happy Birthday to Marty Cordova. If you spend the day at the beach, Marty, be sure to use sunscreen.