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Camden Chat meetup: Bowie Baysox game, August 18th

A chance to put faces with (user)names.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

If you haven't heard, the Orioles promotional schedule isn't blowing anybody away this year. But the Bowie Baysox are giving away a Manny Machado garden gnome! And having fireworks on the same night! This seems like an excellent opportunity for the good people of Camden Chat to hang out and catch a few Orioles prospects in action.

The game in question is at 6:00 on Sunday, August 18th. You can get tickets online here, and directions to the park here.

How we'll work it: In order to keep things simple, anyone who wants to come should buy themselves a General Admission ticket. You can buy yours in advance (as I will) or pick it up on the day of the game if you don't think it will be sold out. The gates will open at 5:00, and I plan to be there nice and early to make sure I get my gnome, and also to help us all find each other.

You can check out a seating diagram here -- what I will do is try to stake us out a few rows (the GA sections are just bleachers) at the very back of Section 113 (which hopefully will give us room to spread out and make it easy to pick out the group). I'm a 6'4" guy with red hair and a beard, so I'm usually easy to find. I'll be wearing an Orange Adam Jones jersey and an all-orange cap just to make myself stand out even more.

Feel free to use the comments to ask questions that I haven't thought of yet, organize group rides (anyone feel like ride-sharing from near Sterling, VA?), etc. Anything I haven't thought of here, as we hash it out in the comments, I'll add it to the post. I'll put up a reminder post closer to the game date as well. This should be a fun evening with some good people!