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Sunday Bird Droppings

J.J. Hardy has 500,000 reasons to like the All-Star Game, Ron Washington knows this version of Chris Davis, and stop me if you've heard this before, but Henry Urrutia might just be coming to Baltimore after the break...

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Stick to hitting HRs, Crush.
Stick to hitting HRs, Crush.
Mitchell Layton

Chris Davis hits 36th HR but Blue Jays beat Orioles 7-3 - USA Today
"Chris Davis increased his major-league leading home run total to 36 with his third long ball in three games, a solo shot in the second inning. Reggie Jackson is the only player in AL history with more home runs before the All-Star break, hitting 37 in 1969." Well, sure, being Crush has had 153 games before the ASG. OK, it's not 153, it's 95 so far, but still...

For Orioles' Chris Davis, patience became an all-star virtue - San Jose Mercury News
"Rangers manager Ron Washington to reporters Monday: "I know who this Chris Davis is. That's the Chris Davis that was in Triple-A, kicking [butt]. He didn't show up until he came to Baltimore. He just finally figured it out. It took Chris a couple years here to find himself." Something to be said for your job not being on the line every AB.

Diaz to throw to Davis during Home Run Derby | News
Einar Diaz, the Orioles' coach who throws batting practice, will travel to New York to throw to Chris Davis during Home Run Derby. Never understood the guys who bring their dad or old HS coach to throw to them. Why change something as fundamental as who's throwing to you?

A View From Studio 3: Don't overlook Balitmore Orioles catcher Matt Wieters | News
"You'd ultimately love to have five guys be able to roll through the whole year, but that's just not feasible in this day and age," Matt Wieters said. "The good thing is Dan [Duquette] and Buck [Showalter] have put together a lot of depth and been able to shore up Triple-A and bring up guys who can help us win up here." The pitching depth is as wide as a crater and deep as a mud puddle, but whatever works, right?

Orioles SS JJ Hardy to receive $500,000 raise for making the All-Star game - The Republic
"It's definitely not a bad bonus, but by no means is that the only reason I'm excited about going," J.J. Hardy said. "It's an honor for fans to vote me in. It's special." Oh, I'm sure he means it, but I bet he's cashing that check, too.

Fantasy baseball Prospect Watch: Henry Urrutia nearing a call-up? -
"OF Henry Urrutia, Baltimore Orioles: The Cuban defector, 26, is in his first professional season in the United States, but he's already up in Triple-A and may not require much more time in the minors... This is a poor man's Yasiel Puig -- albeit older and with a lower ceiling." I could live with that at DH right about ... now.

Steve Melewski: Scott Feldman settles in with the Orioles, looks forward to his next start for his new team
"It was exciting to pick up a few games in the standings," Scott Feldman said of the deal. "I did have a good experience in Chicago, I liked all those guys and that part was a little tough. But it was easy coming into an environment like this, a winning team and good group of guys." How come no one ever goes to a bad team in a trade? Just once, I'd love to hear, "Man, these guys. Have you seen the way they leave a locker room when they're done? Disgusting. Toilet paper everywhere, leave their socks in the middle of the floor..."

Orioles Analysis: Top 5 moments of the first half - Carroll County Times
Manny Machado's throw from practically the opposing dugout only makes #5. Wow.

Orioles Q&A: Rill Talk with ... Tommy Hunter - Carroll County Times
This week, Tommy Hunter. This is the Rilly Rill world, there ain't no coming back.


Chris Tillman, 20 game winner. Really. - Camden Chat
No, I'm not above linking to my own articles here. So sue me.


Lincecum no-hits Padres |
"Tim Lincecum authored the 15th no-hitter in Giants history and the seventh since the franchise moved to San Francisco in 1958." Only took him 207 starts. Doesn't it seem like he should have done this a long time ago with that stuff?

Happy Birthday to Bernie Castro, Derrick May, Vic Rodriguez, Billy Smith (wait, how'd he play baseball with all that goalie equipment on?), Earl Williams, Cy Young winner Steve Stone, Bryan Stephens and Julio Bonetti.

In this day in baseball, In 2000, "Major League owners decide to return to playing an unbalanced schedule (teams play more games against teams in their own division) rather than the presently used balanced schedule (play approximately the same number of games against all teams within the league). The American League has used a balanced schedule since 1977 and the National League started in 1993." And I've never forgiven them for it.