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MLB All Star Game news: Baltimore Orioles offering discounted tickets based on Chris Davis's HR derby total

The Orioles have come up with a ticket promotion in conjunction with slugger Chris Davis's appearance in the 2013 Home Run Derby.


Do you like Chris Davis? Do you like to watch him hit home runs? Do you like getting discounted tickets? Well, the Baltimore Orioles have come up with a pretty cool promotion to celebrate Chris Davis's first time participating in the MLB All Star Game's Home Run Derby.

For every home run that Davis hits during the HR Derby, the Orioles will give $1 off tickets for select games in select sections. They'll do this up to $25 off (or 25 home runs by Davis). Here are the details:

  • Discounts are good for Field Box (sections 16-58, even numbers) normally $55-$60, Lower Box (sections 6-14, 60-64, even numbers) normally $45, and Left Field Lower Box (sections 66-86, even numbers) normally $30.
  • Ticket sales will begin on 15 minutes after the completion of the HR derby and run until Thursday July 18th or until the sections are sold out. Use the coupon code CRUSH. Here is the link.
  • Eligible games are July 30th - August 1st vs the Houston Astros and August 2-4 vs. the Seattle Mariners.
  • Each household can buy a maximum of six tickets for each game.

Got it? So if Chris Davis hits 25 home runs tonight, you can get six tickets in LF Lower Box (an awesome place to sit) for just $30 total (plus online fees there are no online fees per AMD below). Wow!

Please note, the Orioles didn't ask me to promote this ticket deal. I'm doing so because it's a good deal and I want to spread the word. Just as I get on their case when I think they screw up, I also like to let everyone know when they do something cool.

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