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Poll: How many wins will the Orioles have in the regular season?

With 96 games played, the Orioles are 53-43. How many wins do you think they will have at the end of the regular season?


A little bit more than one year ago, I posted a poll to gauge people's feelings heading into the second half of the 2012 season. That was after that special Orioles team had played 82 games and had a 44-38 record.

The two most popular responses were 82-85 wins (40%) and 78-81 wins (25%). Only 5% of those who voted in the poll were dan o'hare-ists - those who believed the Orioles would win 90+ games. They ended up winning 93. I voted for 74-77. Shows what I know.

We are a bit farther into the season at the All-Star Break this year, and the Orioles have played 96 games rather than 82. They have a record of 53-43 and they have 66 games left to play. I ask you the question again:

How many wins will the Orioles have in the regular season?

Some questions to consider as you make your choice:

Will the Orioles add any more players before the trading deadline?

Will some semblance of a quality starting rotation ever materialize?

Will the bullpen's performance deteriorate from overuse?

Will Chris Davis keep chasing the higher-echelons of single-season home runs?

Will Manny Machado pick up the pace with doubles again?

Can Henry Urrutia prove to be a difference-maker at designated hitter?

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the key questions, along with your answer to the poll. If you have any other big questions for the O's rest of the season, you can share them as well in the comments. The poll will be open until the beginning of Friday's game against Texas.