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Friday Bird Droppings

Baseball's back! ...but all the way in Texas


Everything you need to know about Dariel Alvarez
I know, linking the Bleacher Report is generally mocked around here, but do you want to know about the Orioles latest Cuban signing or not?

Orioles' all time top 5 in-season trades |
Getting ready for the trade deadline by looking at the past.

Could Chris Davis Match Roger Maris? | FanGraphs
Talked about in yesterday's open thread, a look at the odds.

Orioles Look Ahead: "We need to pitch better." | Carroll County Times
You don't say!

What will the second half bring for the Orioles rotation? | Eutaw Street Report
It's the million dollar question, and the key to the O's hopes in the postseason.

State of the Orioles Q&A Video | Orioles Post
A video from the season ticket holder event last week.