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Tuesday Bird Droppings

It may be the morning after an off-day, but links abound!

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3 A.L. East teams played on a short schedule Monday yesterday. And each cruised to rather easy victories. So the Rays, Yankees, and Blue Jays each gain a notch in the win column and once again each team in the A.L. East is now .500 or better. But enough about the pretenders. Let's talk of an actual contender, the Orioles. And, specifically, of one member of the O's who is receiving quite the crush of media attention of late. Part Human, Part Asgardian God, he is a gargantuan though mild-mannered man by day. But at night he transforms into the God of Thunder incarnate: Thor. And he uses his mighty hammer to strike blows against the enemies of Birdland.

A League of Chris Davis’ Own | FanGraphs Baseball
Jeff Sullivan waxes ecstatic about Chris Davis' ISO.

Joe Blogs: The At-Bat That Transformed Chris Davis

Joe Pos attempts to identify the moment Chris Davis became animated by the power of Thor.

Chris Davis and the Quest for the Single Season Home Run Record - Beyond the Box Score

Warning: There will be math. Scary math. But not as scary as the prospect of facing Chris Davis if you are a pitcher right now. That's just downright terrifying.

Crashburn Alley " Blog Archive " A Quick Thought on Chris Davis

Hardball Talk's Bill Baer takes to task those who would hurl accusations against Chris Davis.

Baseball Tonight - ESPN

For your podcast listening pleasure, Buster talks at length about Davis and Machado on yesterday's edition of his podcast.

June report card: Grades, good and bad - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

Another June retrospective featuring Davis and Manny.

Stock Watch: Puig is an All-Star, but Cuddyer beats him here -

Davis makes an appearance. But I did not know Cuddy was having such a tremendous season. /EastCoastBias'd

Outside the box: WAR statistic sparks debate

Out of date after a couple of strong games for both Davis and Manny, but a look at how their WAR has been accumulated this season.

Deals that Never Happened: Part I | Baltimore Sports and LifeBaltimore Sports and Life

Crawdaddy reminisces about some potential deals of days gone by and how they may have changed the O's fortunes.

Kevin Gausman learning as he goes - ESPN

Can't be all Davis all the time. Nice to see Gausman get a bit of love. I've a feeling, after his last outing, he'll be getting a lot more media attention over the 2nd half of the season.

Steve Melewski: Minor league notes on Ohlman's hot bat and Drake's good start for Bowie (draft pick signing)

SteveO gives some love to to the in-the-zone Michael Ohlman. This was written prior to Ohlman having a 4-4 day last night, w/ a double, a home run, and a walk. Ho hum...

On this date in 1975, Don Baylor hit Home Runs in his first 3 at bats of the game. This gives him 4 consecutive homers going back to his last game.