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Game 106: Red Sox (62-43) @ Orioles (58-47), 1:35

The Orioles and Red Sox play the rubber game of their three-game series on Sunday afternoon.

Jamie Squire

The so-called Jon Lester curse was destroyed like so many buckets of fried chicken in the Red Sox clubhouse. It was trampled into the ground like the army of Sauron outside of Minas Tirith as the Rohirrim charged forth. It is buried with the playoff dreams of the 2011 Red Sox. No more need we fear that name. It is powerless like Darth Vader against the Millennium Falcon in the Death Star trench.

Even so, it may be strong enough to be better than Jason Hammel today. There's no need to belabor the point any longer about how bad he is this year. It's bad. Maybe that's why Jon Heyman reported the Orioles are "in the mix" for Jake Peavy (but I bet they aren't really going to get Peavy or anyone). He sucks this year and no matter how many quotes he gives about needing to get better, he isn't getting better.

The Orioles need a win in this game to take the series and keep pace in the tough division they're stuck in. Can they manage it? Maybe. Lester is no great shakes this year either. Though he sports a 9-6 record, he's got a 4.50 ERA. He's getting nearly 50% ground balls this year and it's not helping him. He has given up 17 home runs - perhaps a good omen for the world-leading O's, but probably not for Chris Davis.

I will be out of the house before there are lineups, but being that you are resourceful people of means, I trust that you can figure out who is playing. Here's hoping it doesn't rain on me. Actually, I don't care if I get rained on. I just don't feel like sitting through a rain delay.