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Camden Chat's first half GIF tournament!

Thanks to the genius of Aaron Royer, we have GIFs of the week. We vote on our favorites, and now those winners will do battle!

Who will it be, Buck or Nate?
Who will it be, Buck or Nate?

There was been talk of a GIF tournament for some time, and we're finally kicking it off. The tournament will last for eleven days (no weekends) with the first round taking place today through Thursday. There were twelve first-half winners and they have been seeded by the percentage of the overall vote they received. They are:

  1. Buck tosses umps - 78%
  2. Buck is pleased - 58%
  3. Casilla Later - 48%
  4. That Manny play - 45%
  5. Buck kick - 44%
  6. Thor smash - 43%
  7. Dickerson/Jones HR dance - 42%
  8. Did somebody say dong? - 41%
  9. Casilla fist bump - 41%
  10. Markakis HR girl - 36%
  11. Beernoculars - 35%
  12. Nate McLouth - my bad - 31%
The tournament will be of the bracket variety with the top four seeds earning byes into the second round. To see the bracket, click here. I tried to just put it right in the post but it gets so small that it's useless.

OK, so now that we've got the particulars out of the way, let's start the tournament! First up is the 5 seed, Buck kick, from the July 8th edition. Buck faces the 12th seed, Nate McLouth - my bad, from May 6th. Voting will take place from now through midnight tonight. And...go!