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Wednesday Bird Droppings

R.I.P. #TeamJake

oh, man...remember pornstache Jake? That was fun.
oh, man...remember pornstache Jake? That was fun.
Rob Carr

I don't want to talk about it. It still hurts. Let me just leave this boxscore here for the memories. Oh, and this video clip, possibly my favorite Jake moment. Moving anyone else beginning to wonder about Hammel in the rotation? Now, I don't pin the 7th inning last night on him, as I thought it was clear by the 5th inning that he didn't have any of his off-speed stuff. But Buck kept putting him out there. So I put that squarely at his feet. But looking at Hammel's Game Logs from this year causes me to question his continued hold on a rotation slot. He's just plain not getting it done. He has 1 truly good start, the May 27th start in Washington. Other than that, his lines look somewhat Arrieta-esque: too many pitches over too few innings with stuff that is entirely hittable. Give Goose liberty or give him...well, not death as that would be rather extreme, but about getting Gausman a start? With Tillman, MiGo, and the newly acquired Mr. Feldman holding down rotation slots, and Britton currently deserving of some more looks, and Chen on the mend, the rotation is pretty full. Hammel looks the weak link to me at the moment. Thoughts, Chatters? Does Hammel get to continue to cruise by on past accomplishment, or does the Goose deserve to get another crack at the rotation?

Jake Arrieta speaks about leaving Baltimore -
Part of my love for Jake has always been a product of how well-spoken and thoughtful he presents himself. And that is on display here in a brief interview with Connolly.

Orioles Upgrade With Scott Feldman; Cubs Continue Stocking Up | FanGraphs Baseball

Dave Cameron's love for Feldman may rival mine own for Jake.

Breaking down the Scott Feldman trade - ESPN

In$ider article from the KLaw that breaks down the deal. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Baseball Prospectus | Transaction Analysis: Of Baltimore and Bonus Slots

"Feldman is effectively a strike-thrower who throws a ton of balls" Oh...that sounds just peachy. I'm sure we'll all just love watching him pitch. That won't be frustrating at all. Not in the least.

Feldman doesn't make Orioles favorites, but he should help -

The Knobs gets in on the trade reax.

Orioles and Cubs Fill Needs In Trade |

More trade reaxs. Noting revelatory, but well summed up.

School of Roch: MacPhail on the Orioles, his past trades and his desire to return to baseball

It's the return of the Mac.

Eduardo Rodriguez Game Scouting Report | Baltimore Sports and LifeBaltimore Sports and Life

Can't be all Jake all the time, in spite of my best efforts. Eduardo Rodriguez, at just a little past his 20th birthday, made his AA debut. BSL's Tucker Blair was in attendance, and this is what he came away with.

Happy Birthday, Tommy Hunter!