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Camden Chat's first-half GIF tournament, day 2

It's day two of the GIF tournament. Vote for your favorite!

Dude, we're both in these GIFs!
Dude, we're both in these GIFs!

Yesterday you voted on Buck Showalter's crazy display of emotion vs Nate McLouth's sincere apology for a bad throw. The bracket has been updated to reflect the winner, so check it out.

Next up in this exciting tournament is the 6th seed vs the 11th seed.

6th seed Thor smash was brought to you on May 13th when Chris Davis hit a ball so hard that he broke Target Field. And the 11th seed, Beernoculars, was the winner on June 17th, narrowly beating out the GIF of Nate McLouth adorably trying to pick up Chris Davis.

Voting begins now and will last until midnight tonight. The winner will go on to face Casilla later in the second round.