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O's Weekly Wrap: July 23rd - 29th

Wherein we start tracking AL Wild Card standings!

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports


The O's are 58-48, third place in the AL East at five games behind Tampa Bay. They do, however, have the second Wild Card spot, half a game ahead of Cleveland, one game ahead of Texas, and 2.5 ahead of New York.


The O's had an execrable week, going 1-5, 0-3 against the Royals and 1-2 against the Red Sox.

Runs Scored

15, or 2.5 a game. The team's slash line was .267/.316/.443, or a wRC+ of 105. Not good, and thus began all the garment-rending about the offense.

Runs Allowed

26, or 4.3. Again: not good.

Best Hitter / Worst Hitter

The week's best hitter, ladies and gents, was Adam Jones with a 166 wRC+. In 24 PA he had seven hits, including two that went over the fence and a triple, and he walked once.

Chris Davis is boom or bust ... and this week he busted hard. In 24 PA he had a wRC+ of ... wait for it .. -6. Yeah. -6. That means he was 106% worse than the average player at hitting baseballs. Three hits (all singles) and 14 strikeouts in 24 PA will do that to your batting line.

Best Pitcher / Worst Pitcher

This week's Best Pitcher award goes to Jones's trade-mate Chris Tillman. He struck out eight of the 26 batters he faced, didn't walk any, and didn't allow a run.

The Worst Pitcher of the week is Miguel Gonzalez. He faced 22 batters but didn't strike out any. He gave up eight hits and six runs in his start against Kansas City.

Crush Davis Update

Davis is obviously slumptastic right now. He hasn't hit a home run since the All Star Break, and he's striking out at a rate well above his career levels. It's this last fact that makes me think he's pressing, sort of how you can end up overcorrecting a skid only to end up across the highway facing the other direction.

He'll start making contact again, and when he does, he'll send a few over the fence. Let's all focus on the fact that he still has an incredible line for the season. And nobody can continue to strike out in 58% of their plate appearances. Can they?

Manny's Doubles Update

Zero. Manny had a poor offensive week also, at .136/.174/.409. Three hits (two taters) in 25 PA will do that to your line.

Adam Jones "The Power and the Patience" Update

Jones smacked two dingers and walked once in 24 PA. He's now at 22 and 15 on the season, respectively. His walk rate is 3.3%, second worst in the game now that J.P. Arencibia has decided to become more patient.