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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Wherein we all try to make small talk the day after an Orioles off-day

So, Buck...what'dya think of Cliff Lee?
So, Buck...what'dya think of Cliff Lee?
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

So I went to bed hoping to awaken to news of a Cliff Lee to the Orioles trade. Mine hopes were dashed. Now I just want to go back to bed. With no O's game yesterday the news cycle is a bit light. But I have faith that you will find something worth right-hand margin arguing over. It is our one collective great skill. In around the league news, the Rays beat the Sox to reclaim possession of 1st place in the AL East. Home Plate ump Jerry Meals blew a call on a play that would have tied the game in the 8th inning. Some may recall that it was almost two years ago to the day that Mr. Meals was involved in a blown call at the plate in extra innings in a Pirates vs. Braves game. In that instance he erroneously called a Braves runner safe at home, awarding them a walk off victory in the 19th inning. Because correlation always equals causation, the Pirates went into a long funk, going 19-41 the remainder of the season. We, as O's fans, could be so fortunate as to have a similar fate befall either the Rays or Sox this season after Meals' most recent blunder...

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layin' in the weeds!

Cliff Lee is on the market, but price is said to be enormous -

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Sam Miller plays GM and auctions off Chicago's most valuable trade bait to the highest bidder.

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In which the Goose vindicates O'sFan21's thoughts on using him as a RP.

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Dr. Jones and DO'D take your twitter questions and will answer them via a MASN video chat.

Which Starting Pitcher Owns Baseball’s Best Change Up? " Diamond Dollar$

Chris Tillman >> both Cliff Lee and Chris Sale! It's true!

Officer Herc wants to wish a very happy birthday to Gus Triandos. On this date in 1954, (3B) Bob Kennedy connects for the first Grand Slam in Orioles history. In 1971, Frank Robinson hits a solo home run, the only run of the game, which ends a no-hit bid by K.C.'s Dick Drago. It's Frank's 493rd career homer, tying him w/ Lou Gehrig. 4 years ago today, George 'Flat Breezy' Sherrill is traded to the Dodgers for Steve 'Spawn of Dave' Johnson and Josh Bell. 2 years ago, Derrek Lee is shipped to the Pirates for Marylander favorite, Aaron Baker.