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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Trade Deadline Day Edition!

Patrick Smith

Another night, another time when all the teams the O's are in serious playoff contention with in the AL won. TB and Boston both won, so the O's don't manage to gain any ground there. And both Cleveland and Texas won, so the O's remain a half game up on the former and a full game up on the latter with regard to the 2nd Wild Card game slot. The Yankees did lose to the Dodgers, so the O's are 3.5 games up on them now, but whatever.

The Sox made the big splash of the night, trading for Jake Peavy in a 3-team, 7 player deal. And remember all the talk about how high a price the White Sox were asking for Peavy? In the end they parted with him for 3 low level prospects from the Red Sox and a decent, major league ready OF prospect from the Tigers. The Red Sox also parted with SS Jose Iglesias, who went to the Tigers. So much for my hopes of one day trading JJ Hardy to the Tigers for Rick Porcello.

And though I hoped to awaken to an 'O's trade for Cliff Lee' headline this morning, it wasn't so. But we still have 9 hours until the deadline, so I'm keeping them fingers crossed!

Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter reflect on pre-deadline deal that brought them to Baltimore -
Couple of interesting notes in the 'Around the Horn' section at the end. Mrs. BriBob is expecting any day now, so our beloved lollygagger could end up on paternity leave here soon. (I'm sure O'sFan21 will be the first to congratulate him!). And Bowie Manager Gary Kendall will serve as a Manager in the Arizona Fall League. Time to start considering which O's Baby Birds could be headed to the land of the Painted Desert come October.

VIDEO: Astros rookie Jonathan Villar steals home -

Embarrassing. I was sitting in Section 60 at the game and I had just mentioned that Chen needed to at least do a token step off or look over to the runner at 3rd the previous pitch or the runner was going to possibly take off for Home.

Camden Depot: Is It Possible for a Bullpen to Be Too Rested?

Who'd of ever dreamt that this question would be posed in relation to the O's?

School of Roch: What should the Orioles do with Schoop?

If they don't trade him (either now or over the Winter) he ought to be the front runner to be the 2014 starting 2Bman. He may (read: won't) stick at 2B long term, but he may well be able to handle it for a season or two before moving over to 3B when Manny can move back to SS.

Cliff Lee and the Cost of an Ace | FanGraphs Baseball

Though Cameron's focus in this article is the Red Sox pursuit of Lee, his points are applicable to the O's as well. Though I think an addition of Cliff Lee to the O's pitching staff would have a much greater significance to the O's 2013 chances than he would on the Red Sox' chances.

Doug Duennes, O's Exec VP of business, let go -
For those who like to keep score of the goings on in the Warehouse...

Joe Blogs: Drungo LaRue Hazewood
Tools to dream on. Tools will break your heart. What could have been...RIP Drungo.

Happy Birthday to Dundalk native, Mike Bielecki. He pitched 14 seasons in the 80's and 90's, primarily in the NL. It is also the birthdate of Earl Weaver's predecessor as O's Manager, Hank Bauer. He led the O's to their first World Series victory in 1966. And his record of 407-318 (.561) ranks 3rd on the O's list for full-time Managers. On this date in 1983 Brooks Robinson was inducted into the Hall of Fame! In 1987, EDDIE! EDDIE! Murray hits his 299th and 300th career Home Runs. In 1997, the HBGM pulled a fast one on the Mariners, acquiring Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe in exchange for Heathcliff Slocumb. Does he have similar trade up his sleeve today? Stay tuned!