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Jason Hammel to the DL, Steve Pearce recalled

Following the deadline deal for Bud Norris, the Orioles even back out their bench and pitching staff.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

In today's big trade news, the Orioles acquired Bud Norris from the Houston Astros for L.J. Hoes, Josh Hader and a draft pick. Since both Hoes and Norris were on their team's major-league rosters, it left the Orioles with a short bench and an extra man on the pitching staff. They have now announced a rectification for that situation by placing starter Jason Hammel (who everyone immediately knew Norris would be displacing) on the 15-day disabled list, and recalling OF/DH Steve Pearce back from the disabled list.

For Hammel, this is almost certainly an "injury" that gives him an excuse to work on mechanics and command in the minors during his "rehab." This allows the Orioles to keep him on hand for a while, in case another starter struggles or gets hurt, but without having to keep him on the major-league roster. Officially, Hammel has a right flexor mass strain. This is the same injury that Jason Grilli recently suffered for the Pirates, but interestingly, Grilli had to leave the game where he was hurt immediately (and feared that his season would be over), whereas this is the first we're hearing of any physical issue for Hammel. As I said, draw from all of this what you will.

Pearce hasn't lit the world on fire for the Orioles this year, hitting .235/.311/.383 in 90 PAs. He may have been nursing the wrist injury that put him on the DL while he logged some of those appearances, though. Regardless, he provides some platoon flexibility at DH, emergency bench depth in the outfield or at first base, and a normal-sized MLB bench for the Orioles' upcoming interleague games in NL parks. Still, as the Dan Duquette roster merry-go-round continues, Pearce will likely one of the first guys to go down and make room for someone else.

The Orioles rotation and bench do appear to be set for the immediate future, however. We might see a team that looks somewhat similar to this for a little while now that the trading deadline has passed and the team's intended starters and bench are mostly healthy. Or, I could be deluding myself and the next set of roster moves could come down before tomorrow's game. Duquette works in mysterious ways.