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Game 88: Orioles (48-39) @ Yankees (47-39), 1:05

The latest Jim Johnson suckfest has left Mark bummed out for Saturday's game. Maybe the Orioles will cheer him up.

Patrick Smith

The great thing about baseball is that the next game isn't too far away. That's a great thing when you're looking forward to the next game, anyway. After watching these clowns flail away against nearly anyone and everyone over the last four games, that doesn't feel like a positive.

Even worse: Andy Pettitte, today's Yankees starter, is that dreaded soft-tossing lefty. Forget about it. Complete game shutout, here we come. Will it be a no-hitter or a perfect game? Quite possibly. Career innings for Pettitte: 3216.2. This does not count the postseason. Career innings for Orioles starter Chris Tillman: 367. Tell yourself it's a good thing. Tillman is not tired and not old in baseball years. Right?

Manny Machado is 21 now, so everyone will have to find new statistics to quote about how awesome he is. Maybe he'll be awesome at the plate today. The Orioles need it.

Nick Markakis - RF Brett Gardner - CF
Manny Machado - 3B Ichiro Suzuki - RF
Adam Jones - CF Robinson Cano - 2B
Chris Davis - 1B Travis Hafner - DH
Brian Roberts - DH Zoilo Almonte - LF
J.J. Hardy - SS Lyle Overbay -1B
Nolan Reimold - LF Luis Cruz - 3B
Alexi Casilla - 2B Eduardo Nunez - SS
Taylor Teagarden - C Chris Stewart - C